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I have been struggling with a hearing problem for many years now, and have gone through the gamut of analogue NHS aids, and then the early NHS digital units, followed by some expensive privately dispensed digital aids which were fine, but less than wonderful. They were the best in the sector at the time five years ago. When Donald Farrell arrived in Cyprus I was sceptical that he could do much better than my UK-based consultant, but thought I would ‘give him a go’ especially since he has this money back deal after a month’s trial as standard practice. This is sensible because you have to be willing to stick with it for a while until the optimum results are achieved. Yes, the units are still expensive by any standards, but he has been incredibly patient; totally committed to succeeding; and willing to spend all the time it takes to get the very best out of these aids. And aids are what they are. They will not give you your original hearing back. But today’s technical expertise will give you as good as it gets – which in my case is way above merely acceptable. It has made me hear almost normally again in all circumstances. And for that, I feel my money has been well spent. I don’t usually write testimonials but this is one I am genuinely pleased to offer unreservedly. Donald Farrell’s service ‘does what it says on the tin’